Saffron biscotti |

Saffron biscotti

Saffron cupcakes with lingonberry cream cheese frosting |

Saffron cupcakes

Coconut cilantro spelt bread |

Coconut cilantro bread

Lemon curd filled sugar rolls |

Lemon curd rolls

Thyme spelt scones |

Thyme spelt scones

Rye onion bread |

Rye onion bread

Coffee cocoa coconut granola |

Coffee cocoa granola

Coffee ice cream blackberry meringue cake |

Coffee meringue cake

Easy buttermilk loaf with nuts and seeds |

Buttermilk bread

Hazelnut raisin coconut granola |

Hazel & coconut granola

Double almond cranberry spelt bread |

Almond cranberry loaf

Spelt flour sourdough baguettes |

Spelt sourdough baguettes

Rye crispbread with pumpkin seeds, flaxseed and anise seeds |

Rye sourdough crisps

Rye bread with coffee and molasses |

Coffee rye bread

Cornbread mini muffins |

Cornbread mini muffins

Sourdough white loaf |

White sourdough loaf

Saffron almond sourdough crackers |

Saffron almond crackers

Caraway, fennel and anise whole wheat bread cakes |

Whole wheat cakes

Cinnamon pumpkin granola |

Cinnamon granola

Easy buttermilk cranberry seed bread |

Cranberry seed bread

Sunflower anise sourdough muffins |

Sunflower anise muffins

Whole wheat sourdough braids |

Whole wheat braids

Oat bread dinner rolls |

Oat bread rolls

Soy flour bread – mini loaves |

Soy flour mini loaves

Caraway rye bread with nuts and seeds |

Rye, nuts & seeds

Red pesto & mozzarella cheese savory dinner rolls |

Pesto & mozzarella rolls

Rosemary, sweet onion and black pepper grissinis |

Onion rosemary grissini

Spelt flour and red quinoa bread |

Spelt & quinoa bread

Gingerbread granola |

Gingerbread granola

Healthy quinoa and caraway sourdough crispbread |

Quinoa sourdough crisps

Focaccia with fresh rosemary and sea salt |

Rosemary focaccia

Focaccia with fresh rosemary and sea salt |

Italian focaccia

Five cheese pizza bread |

Five cheese pizza bread

Oat bran bread rolls |

Oat bran bread rolls

English muffins |

English muffins

Gerstenbrot - dark blackened sourdough bread |


White sourdough baguettes |

Sourdough baguettes

Swedish cinnamon buns |

Swedish cinnamon rolls

Two seed dinner rolls |

Two seed dinner rolls

Bob's Red Mill rye crackers |

Rye caraway crackers

Baguettes |

Baguettes with air

Dark rye bread with sunflower seeds |

Dark rye bread

Rosemary goat cheese crackers |

Rosemary cheese crackers

Quick rosemary bread for Easter |

Quick rosemary bread

Salted caramel cheesecake |

Salty caramel cheesecake

Mini sourdough ciabatta |

Sourdough mini ciabatta

Apple cider rosetta dinner rolls |

Apple cider rosetta rolls

Creamy hummus |

Creamy hummus

Whole wheat clover bread rolls with creamy hummus |

Whole wheat clover rolls

Sourdough croissants recipe |

Sourdough croissants

Whole wheat caraway apple bread | recipe at

Caraway apple bread

Wheat bran bread rolls with anise and oats |

Bran, oats & anise rolls

Valentine's Day Sourdough Crisp bread

Flaxseed crisps

Sourdough baguette serving suggestion |

Sourdough baguettes

Ciabatta recipe |

Ciabatta with sea salt

Pizza monkey bread muffin |

Pizza monkey muffins

Graham sourdough rolls |

Graham sourdough rolls

Whole wheat rice bread |

Whole wheat rice bread

Semolina sourdough roll |

Semolina sourdough rolls

Caraway rye mini loaf |

Caraway rye loaves

Chewy toffee cookies with a hint of maple syrup |

Toffee cookies

Chocolate brownie squares with salty caramel and marshmallow topping

Salty caramel brownies

Chocolate mocha coconut brownies (love munchies)

Mocha love munchies

Chili, garlic and sundried tomato grissini

Garlic & tomato grissini

Rosemary grissinis

Rosemary grissinis

Garlic and fennel grissinis

Garlic & fennel grissini

Flaxseed baguettes

Flaxseed baguettes

Whole wheat rolls with nuts

Nutty whole wheat rolls

Sourdough crisp bread

Sourdough crisp bread

Rosetta sourdough rolls

Rosetta rolls

Wheat bran baguettes

Wheat bran baguettes

Duration: 24 hours to let the pre-dough get active. Then another 3 hours to let the dough rise and bake the bread. Makes 2 loafs.

Potato and olive oil bread

Potato & olive oil bread

Anise, fennel and molasses sourdough loaf

Anise, fennel & molasses

Sourdough garlic muffin tops

My garlic bread

Flaxseed sourdough buns

Flaxseed buns

Sourdough festive dinner rolls

Twirly tops