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Awesome bread toppings

Can’t think of what to top off your bread with? Here’s a list with my favorite bread toppings.

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        • Sea salt. There is no turning back here, it’s almost addictive.

Bread toppings, sea salt

      • Semolina flour. This is so delicious it will blow your mind. Works even better if you combine it with olive oil.

Bread toppings, semolina flour

      • Sesame seeds.┬áNever a bad idea.

Bread toppings, sesame seeds

      • Poppy seeds. Also never a bad idea.

Bread toppings, poppy seeds

      • Oats. Just roll your bread in it.

Bread toppings, rolled oats

      • Fresh rosemary. Mmm. So good.

Bread toppings, fresh rosemary

  • Fennel seeds. Just crush them in a mortar and sprinkle on. Or keep them whole. Your choice.

Bread toppings, fennel seeds

    • Wheat bran. Make every kind of bread look, feel and taste healthier by rolling it in wheat bran.

Sourdough mini ciabatta |

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Anise seeds.
  • Caraway seeds.
  • Cheese. Do I need say anything else?
  • Flaxseeds